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11 Recruitment Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts are a brilliant way to consume media.

Plug in whilst walking the dog, out for your morning run, cooking in the kitchen or any other pastime that’s your own.

Naturally, the recruitment profession has embraced the pod, with prepped protagonists delighting audiences with their magnificent mic marvels.

So whether you’re into mentorship, marketing or leadership-making, check out these fabulous recruitment-related pods:

Recruitment Mentors – Hosted by Hishem Azzouz

What makes a successful recruiter? How do they remain on top of their game? Uncovering daily habits, mindset, leadership and much more. Download here

The Marketing Rules – Hosted by James Whitelock

From storytelling to strategies, your host talks to interesting people about the New Rules of marketing, business and recruitment. Download here

SQUAD: Change The Game – Hosted by Simon Lewis

Game-changing stories and mindset insights from elite athletes, forward-thinking recruitment leaders and other high performers. Download here

The RAG – Hosted by Sean Anderson

Interview with owners and leaders of recruitment agencies, discovering the secrets to successful growth. Download here

Recruiting Future – Hosted by Matt Alder

Innovation and futurology in recruitment, recruitment marketing and HR tech. Interviews with thought-leaders influencing and changing the industry. Download here

The Recruiter’s Recruitment Podcast – Hosted by Lysha Holmes

A positive place to listen to interviews with business leaders across the recruitment sector, understanding personas and life lessons, whilst hearing top tips for success. Download here

The Lonely Marketer – Hosted by Glenn Southam

The show for all things recruitment marketing, sharing the challenges, the successes, advice and screwups from leading marketing talent working in recruitment. Download here

The Resilient Recruiter – Hosted by Mark Whitby

Unpacking the secrets of what it takes to be a profitable and long-lived professional in the recruitment industry. Download here

The Executive Career Jump – Hosted by Andrew MacAskill

Assisting leaders making career moves, helping listeners understand what they want from their career and how to go and get it. Download here

Christina Talks – Hosted by Christina Robinson

This is a podcast for growth-focused business owners with an interest in marketing trends and learning lessons from those who live it. Download here

Mental Health In Recruitment – The Podcast – Hosted by Rhonda D’Ambrosio

Giving the industry a voice. Real people, real experiences. Addressing the stigma associated with mental health issues and encouraging conversation and proactive behaviour. Download here

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