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20,000 Words On How To Strategically Build a Brand That Customers and Employees Love


Potent Brand Strategy is a book aimed at providing as much value and insight into strategic branding in as little time as possible.

The short chapters are very much in a jot format, packed with straight-to-the-point advice and views on all things ‘brand’. The intention is for business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and marketers to pick this book up and finish it in one or two evenings. Then you can jump back into certain chapters whenever required.

It’s for those who are looking to gain a holistic perspective of what constitutes a brand, and use that knowledge to take action – whether that’s a full rebrand or simply a refresh.


Check it out now:


This book is written by Richard Evans. Richard is Founder and Head of Brand Strategy at Bold Identities, a brand and digital transformation agency based in the UK. Their global client base is mostly made up of ambitious, high-growth SMEs in the UK and US who want to make an impact on the industry they operate in.




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