Make sure that 2023 is more successful and planned than 2022!

None of us knew at the beginning of 2022 that we’d still be in a very unusual position.

Having a structured annual plan that’s broken down into quarters, months, weeks and even potentially days means that the plan can adapt and update as the markets change around us.

We’ve seen in 2021 & 2022 how things can change so quickly.

Knowing what’s coming up in relation to your business, being able to assess the positives and negatives and make the changes required to progress can give anyone the confidence to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

There are 2 purchase options on this course.
£350 for the course and live webinars.
£700 for the course, live webinars and additional 1-1 weekly coaching.

Why the training works

  • Simplicity

    The most common mistake is over-complicating things. Business Plans can strike fear into the boldest recruiter, but understanding the process, documentation, and detail behind the analysis, can make putting the plan together easy.

  • Answering the question!

    Having someone else to work with to answer your questions and queries, give you advice on your own business or desk challenges, can make the world of difference to your motivation to getting it done!

  • Understanding your business

    Knowing the information required to be able to understand what’s driving your business, where the successes are and what you need to do to focus on key development area… is just the starting point.

  • Coaching Support

    You have the community and live webinars to get your questions and queries answered, but if you want to take it to the next level, you can purchase the upgraded course with personal weekly 1-1 sessions with the coach