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AER Temp is an award winning temporary staffing platform powering agencies and direct employers temporary recruitment needs. AER Temp incorporates all the features required to Attract, Engage and Retain a temp workforce including a client and candidate portal and candidate native app, configured and branded for each client. AER Temp can work with any industry and have developed exclusive features specific to different industries. If you are looking to implement or upgrade your tech stack, AER Temp removes the cost, time and complexities and can help you supercharge your temporary recruitment business!

Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?) Temporary recruitment is difficult and time consuming, AER Temp helps to remove a lot of these time constraints by automating different aspects, allowing your recruiters to be more productive. We have seen reductions in time to fill by 60% and recruiters being up to 9x more productive. A key challenge with all temp recruitment is finding the right temp for a role as quickly as possible. Data has shown us that 80% of all shifts are filled by specific interactions with a shift so we have built the dashboard to highlight these interactions. AER Temp can help you find candidates quickly and easily that can work that shift!!

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Marek Wystepek
Service Offered
Book keeping, Finance/Accountancy/Payroll

Key Info

Key Info
•Dedicated client portal – Fully branded and configurable portal allowing you the ability to manage all aspects of your temp recruitment. Agency module or direct recruiter model.

•Dedicated candidate portal/application – Fully branded candidate portal and native app (IOS & Android) with unique features all designed to ensure an easy sign up, onboarding & set up so candidates are only seeing relevant shifts based on availability, location and roles.

•Machine learning tools – Continuous data monitoring allows the AER Temp system to help you find the most likely candidates to fill a shift. Unique tools help you to filter through your database to pinpoint the right candidates quicker.

•Compliance & Onboarding – Fully configurable compliance module ensuring only candidates who meet and pass your regulatory standards can apply for shifts. Automated follow ups to ensure candidates are onboarded.

•Automation – 150+ automation options via Push, Email and SMS fully configurable ensuring you can create a workflow that works and saves you a huge amount of time.

•Timesheets – Online timesheets with various levels of verification speed up workflows and reduce admin. Verification levels are determined by you based on how you want to work.

•Payroll/Invoicing – Ability to download all payroll data to ensure all temp workers are paid correctly and on time. Configurable Holiday Pay options included. Integrated invoicing allows you to download invoices as required. Ability to create bespoke billing groups allowing you to invoice centrally or by branch/location.

•Engagement tools – Dedicated CPD and Resource Hub allowing you to share information with both your marketplace and clients. Tools built allowing targeted messaging options to your candidate pool.

•Reporting – Every action within the platform is a data point which opens huge opportunities for capturing unique information allowing you to make more informed decisions. We work with you to develop your unique reporting requirements ensuring you have all the key information you require.

Who is your product/service aimed at? What is your target demographic? Any agency or company that has a need for large volume temp recruitment. Most common industries are healthcare (incl pharmacy, optometry and veterinary), hospitality, construction, logistics, warehousing, security, childcare and education

Who would typically use your product/service? (Recruiters, Managers, Finance, Marketing etc) Recruiters either within an agency or company would be the most common users.

Does the product/service integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who? We have not integrated with other products yet, but this could be a possibility

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