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C-Suite Solutions was established to help your company focus on what you are most passionate about and what you do best; helping to facilitate your businesses growth through enabling your leadership and support functions to perform at their best.

Maria helps leaders of SME recruitment companies improve processes, optimise team collaboration, and achieve their business goals through facilitating workshops.

What does all this actually mean for you?

As a Facilitator, Maria can work with you to help you make business decisions faster, brainstorm ideas around optimising your CRM, internal processes or business development strategies. Whatever the outcome of the workshop, she can help you execute on your priorities or act as a consultant, guiding your team to make it happen.

Companies without a COO benefit from engaging a Fractional COO to provide insights into how other companies operate, a sounding board or someone to develop their Business Services team to enable them to add even more value.

Contact Information

Point Of Contact Name
Maria Vavoulas
Service Offered
Business Services, consulting

Key Info

Key Info
Examples of workshops Maria can lead for your business:

•Develop and/or refine your business strategy
•Problem Solve – figure out office/team dynamics, improve collaboration and cross-selling or open a new office
•Brainstorm a new service offering or content & marketing strategy
•Retrospective – look back on the previous quarter or year to ensure you are progressing, learning from mistakes, and capitalising on what's working
•Leadership alignment – get everyone on the same page
•Decision-Making – start new verticals or headcount plans
•Project Kick-off – plan a new system implementation or process design
•Culture & Values – complete overhaul or align the whole business to existing values, mission and vision

COO Testimonial from Justin Pearson, Founder & MD, Hyvve
“As the Co-founder and previous Chairman of HC Group, I've had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the transformative impact Maria has had on the organisation during her tenure. Her practical approach, honesty and leadership were instrumental in navigating the complex challenges HC Group faced and drove the ambitious three-year strategy to fruition.
Maria's ability to identify and leverage opportunities for operational improvement, coupled with her skill in fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, has propelled HC Group to new heights of efficiency and market leadership. Under her guidance, the global operations became more cohesive and strategically aligned, despite the inherent challenges of managing across diverse time zones and cultures.”

COO Testimonial from Paul Chapman, Managing Partner, HC Group
“Her focus on integrating and continuously improving our platforms, processes, and policies has not only made our operations robust and scalable but has also ensured that our business is well-positioned to accelerate in line with our global mission and values.”

Who is your product/service aimed at? What is your target demographic? –

Agency and Executive Search businesses.
Fractional COO for businesses without a permanent COO in place – headcount between 5 and 100
Facilitated Workshops for any recruitment business looking to solve problems, review processes, change systems or make big business decisions.

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