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Chat Automation Ltd

Chat Automation provides a 24/7 conversational AI Recruiter, turbo charged by Digital Worker Bot (RPA) technology, for the Staffing & Recruitment industry.

Your Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

Chat Automation helps Staffing Agencies and Recruiters convert more candidates into placements, more quickly, whilst providing applicants with a memorable, highly personalised experience.

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Dries De Coster

Key Info

Key Info
Free Up Your

Introducing TalentSift, by Chat Automation. Let TalentSift’s ChatBot 2.0+ technology do the heavy lifting and sifting for your staffing agency.

Our conversational AI takes care of the top of funnel laborious and repetitive tasks, feeding your Recruiters well qualified candidates straight into their laps. ​ ​

You can now focus more on what you do best; building strong candidate and client relationships.

Your 24/7
Conversational AI

Out of office? No problem!

TalentSift ensures your candidates enjoy a highly personalised online experience with your staffing agency, all whilst you enjoy some well-earned downtime. ​

Our AI conversationally qualifies the candidate, lets them book into the relevant Recruiter’s calendar, and follows up with a personalised video shortly after.

All in minutes, rather than hours, ready for when you are back online.


CRM, ATS, Live Chat & Calendar Integration

TalentSift validates candidates against your CRM including record creation, updating of details and logging of the chatbot activity.

Our job matching feature scores the candidate’s fit against a qualified selection of open vacancies, surfacing these from your ATS into the chatbot.​

The applicant’s conversation in TalentSift is passed into your staffing agency’s internal messaging platform to facilitate live chat functionality.

If the candidate contacts you out-of-hours, relevant calendar availability is surfaced into their chat.

Intelligent Candidate Routing

TalentSift intelligently routes candidates through to the right Recruiter or Recruitment Team based on its conversational AI qualification.

If offline, your Recruiter's calendar is surfaced to maximise your staffing agency's chances of converting the candidate enquiry.

Our live chat functionality offers the ability for an individual Recruiter or group of Recruiters to accept a conversation with the candidate through your own internal communication platforms (MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp etc).

Deflection Through FAQs

Further free up your time through TalentSift’s FAQ deflection functionality. Commonly asked questions are conversationally answered by our platform.

Putting the ‘+’ into ChatBot 2.0+, TalentSift uses non-invasive Digital Worker Bot (RPA) technology to trigger automated workflows as actions to certain FAQs.​

Our AI continuously learns how to better answer FAQs whilst growing its own information library.

Meet Candidates
Where They Are At

In this candidate driven market, differentiate yourself by enabling candidates to engage with you through their preferred communications platforms.

​Surface TalentSift’s ChatBot 2.0+ to your candidates through:

Facebook Messenger
Direct email or texting campaigns

Available with optional multi-lingual translation capability. ​

The ‘+’ in ChatBot 2.0+: Digital Worker Bot (RPA) Technology

Our award winning, unique IP allows us to automate those mundane, high frequency tasks you perform, such as processing timesheets, actioning candidate emails or the pulling together of reports from multiple platforms.

Eliminate errors and reduce your unit costs by up to 85%, through our non-invasive Digital Worker Bot (RPA) technology, irrespective of the system(s) used or lack of integration!​

Many of the SIA fastest growing companies have deployed our technology to hyper-scale their operations, automating administrative tasks, to free up time on what they do best: placing more candidates, more quickly and more cost effectively.

Who are the product and services aimed at:

Recruitment & Staffing agencies with a medium to high level of complexity, volume or website traffic.


Who would use the services? (Recruiters, managers, owners, finance, marketing…?)

Owners, Recruitment Marketeers, CIO


Does the product integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who?

Through our RPA technology we can integrate non-invasively with pretty much any software solution (without the need for API).

Integrations already in place include SourceFlow, Bullhorn, SalesForce, Vincere, Access CRM, BlueSky, JobAdder, Target Recruit, HubSpot, LinkedIn, LogicMelon, Greenhouse, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics, RSM Time Sheet, LawLogix , 8x8, Fuze, RingCentral
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20% off

All the services we provide are customisable according to the client’s needs.
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