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“The key to your competitive advantage isn’t adding to your tech stack: it’s optimising it.”

With years of Recruitment Ops Management experience maximising ROI and optimising recruitment technology tools, I’ve learned that it’s less about what tech you have and more about how you use it.

I created RE:STACK to save you time and money by leveraging your current technology to its fullest potential.

A small investment in my services results in a high-performance and high-purpose team producing maximum output for your agency.

​Take your business to the next level with tech stack optimisation.


Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

You’ve invested your hard-earned pounds in recruitment technology.

But so has every other agency.

The key to your competitive advantage (and greater profit) lies in the integration and optimisation of your current technology.

That’s what RE:STACK does for you.

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Point Of Contact Name
Holly Langley

Key Info

Key Info
As a specialist consultant, I make meaningful improvements in your day-to-day operations.
I begin this process with a thorough analysis of your agency’s key areas:

Technology stack
Operational processes
Employee effectiveness
Current ROI on tech stack
Learning and development
Onboarding for employees, candidates and clients

Whether your goal is to create a saleable asset, cut costs, or maximise profits, I develop strategies to optimise your tech stack and workflows so that your agency reaches its full potential.

I also empower your team through tailored training on industry-leading technologies.

I provide you with comprehensive reports detailing the direct improvement that your agency is experiencing as a result of RE:STACK.

The success of your agency is my success!

Who are the product and services aimed at:

If you're looking to win more clients, streamline your operations, train a high-performance team, or increase your revenue, I help you optimise your recruitment agency for success!

Who would use the services? (Recruiters, managers, owners, finance, marketing…?)

Staff and Recruitment Agencies who want to take their business to the next level
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