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Hireguide an easy-to-use hiring-decision platform with everything teams need to run the most efficient and effective, skills-based interviews at scale. This saves thousands of hours, doubles hiring decision quality, and closes top candidates.

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Steve Lewis

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Key Info
The Challenge: Skills-based, structured interviewing is too hard to implement at scale. The outcome is a costly, labor-intensive, and disorganized interview process that leads to high attrition and doesn’t retain critical hiring data.

The Solution: Hireguide unites AI and hiring science to make it easy for interviewers to adopt best practices at every step.
Before: Recruiters save hours by building a skills-based scorecard and multi-round interview plan with question guides for any role in minutes.
During: Interviewers capture shareable recordings and notes.
After: Teams can compare candidates and make evidence-based decisions.
Throughout: Hireguide pulls and returns data from 40+ ATS’ but is not limited by their workflows.

The Mission: Founded by 10+ Sr. LinkedIn alumni and I/O psychology PhDs. As a Certified B Corp we're on a mission to make 1 billion annual interviews clearer and less biased by making skills-based structured interviewing easy to use.

Operationalising skills-based hiring
Structured interviews (3X-5X better interviews according to McKinsey)
Psych IO informed interview question generator (powered by GenAI)
Explore tips/ answer guides for optimal scoring.
Ai powered note taking.
ATS integration
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