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Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics is an Experience Management platform purposefully built for recruiters. Backed by some of the most successful recruitment leaders in the UK, the platform enables recruitment companies to increase their profitability and growth potential by gaining critical insight into their business performance/health.

By automating the collection of feedback and NPS data, the platform provides detailed analytics into the experiences each employee is creating with both candidates and clients as well as automated guidance on how to improve. This data is then optimised through the platform’s feature set to drive performance, identify learning opportunities and to underpin your marketing with verified data/social proof.


Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

Widely considered across the world as the gold standard of predicting business growth and customer loyalty is Net Promoter Score (NPS). Based on CRM triggers, the Talent Analytics platform automates the collection of your candidate, client and employee NPS data. For any recruitment business looking to increase their growth potential and profitability, meticulous tracking of this data and implementing it into the running of the business is essential.

Feedback data and insights are segmented by business, teams and consultants to provide you with a complete breakdown of the human experiences your business is creating. The platforms feature set then provides your people with the tools and guidance needed to make every interaction with your business a positive one.

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Julian Hopper
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Automation, Coaching & Consultancy, Coaching & Training, Training, Workforce Management Tools

Key Info

Key Info
Key features and benefits:

Automation – Automating NPS data collection saves time, improves accountability, increases data validity and allows you to ensure insights/guidance are handed straight to your team. This is achieved simply by connecting and turning automation on.

Performance – NPS leaderboards motivate employee performance and allow you to embed a consistent focus on experience with your employees. By setting benchmarks for individuals to work toward, the number of promoters your business creates will naturally increase and ultimately your revenue.

Learning – Identifying where improvement is needed is the fastest way to effectively help an employee to improve their performance. Recruiters perform a broad variety of tasks, finding out which they need help with and what support to provide is the fastest way to help them reach productivity. With the move to remote work, implementing a data strategy to identify learning needs has become increasingly necessary.

Marketing – Without data or social proof, recruitment agencies often struggle to differentiate. Broad statements about market expertise that aren’t backed up by any valid data lack credibility. The most powerful voice in marketing is not your own but what your customers say about you. Automate the collection of  feedback, convert it to google reviews and actively share it on Linkedin to effectively grow your brand.

Who are the product and services aimed at:

Recruitment business leaders/operations/marketing

Who would use the services? (Recruiters, managers, owners, finance, marketing…?)

Recruitment business leaders – oversight of business risks/growth opportunities
Middle management – oversight of team risks/growth opportunities
Recruitment Marketers – customer data & social proof
L&D Specialists – identify individual training needs
Recruiters – to benchmark their performance and utilise social proof to build their personal/company brand

Does the product integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who?

Talent Analytics is integrated with JobAdder, Vincere and Bullhorn in order to make the automation of your experience data seamless. CRM inputs already being made by employees create triggers that automate data collection meaning once you have turned the platform on, your data will naturally flow through to you with added guidance on appropriate actions.
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