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An electronic signature or eSignature is a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents. It replaces a handwritten signature in virtually any process. It makes the signing of documents quick and easy, and the signatories can rest assured the signatures are legally binding.

But the benefits for business go beyond simple digitisation:

1. It cut costs

100,000s of documents need to be signed and approved by UK businesses every day. Using eSignature not only saves businesses money but also saves trees. Sustainability is now a top priority for UK business; especially so with COP26 taking place in Glasgow on the 31st October 2021. Using electronic signature software is a sustainable solution that reduces paper and business overheads.

2. It increases productivity

HR Staff using paper contracts spend on average 25% of their week, printing, posting, and following up signers! With eSignature software, printing and posting are replaced by sending, taking just a fraction of the time, and follow-up are automated altogether. Overall, the process is significantly less labour intensive and the staff are more productive.

3.It improves customer experience

Customers don’t want to wade through reams of paper to find the page they need to sign, nor put a signed document back in the post, life is far too busy to find a post box! How many times have you received a document that needs to be signed and forgotten to send it back? It happens all the time, documents waiting on home desks/kitchen worktops gathering dust waiting to be signed!

4. Secure and Data Protected

Logicmelon works in partnership with Legalesign on our platform. They are ISO 27001 registered for Electronic Signature and Document Management, Cyber Essentials Certified for Cyber Defence, PDF Certification with Long Term Validation for the best in PDF security. All your data is processed and stored within the UK too, excellent for GDPR compliance.


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