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Leadership Shouldn’t Be A Firefight

Successful leaders are navigators.

By creating pathways around foreseen challenges, they ensure their routes remain on course.

Indeed, good leadership requires prognostication; foretelling the future would be an asset to anyone! No more wading through the woodland.

But this proactivity requires many to make a mindset shift. Because nothing burns brightly through disorder.

By allowing the embers of ideas to set light to the timber, that fire, that burning ambition, that ENERGY all brilliant leaders harness, we’ll thrive.

And the result will be transformative.

The coaching theory of emotional hygiene tells us that by clearing out dead wood in our minds, we create an expanse for the forward-thinking that helps us thrive.

We can form new habits that serve us better.

We can pay attention, assess and address.

We can replace negative emotions.

We can prioritise physical health for emotional gains.

We can recognise when we need to change. And crucially, why.

We. Can.

For rumination can be the mother of all fuckups. Ponder on something for too long and we’re lost again in the density of the forest we’re seeking to escape. Back to reactivity.

Of course, all leaders need to respond to changing circumstances, but navigating ahead beats the reaction to being lost, every time. And for leaders of SME recruitment businesses, this ought to light the touchpaper.

Wouldn’t you rather start the fire than fight it?

This article was extracted from the MembersOnly leadership course, Beyond Limits, written and presented by Rebecca Shannon, a certified One of Many leadership coach. To listen to this session via podcast, click here.

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Author – Simon Lewis

Simon is founder and CEO at MembersOnly.

Built on a reputable community of talented forward-thinkers, MembersOnly helps recruitment leaders from agencies of all sizes be their best and build better businesses.


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