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Referrals Change Lives


Help build your community whilst changing lives in others

Since 2018 we’ve supported the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation in their inspiring quest to change the fortunes of children and young people within stricken communities across the UK and developing countries. Over the years, through the power of togetherness, tens of thousands of pounds have been generously donated to fund the infrastructure that supports development and provides hope for a better future.

Building freshwater wells prevents kids trapsing scorching miles along dusty roads to the nearest infested pond. Constructing solid schools from ramshackle ruins provides a stable learning environment. Funding children through secondary education helps them achieve their dreams. Grain, seeds, and livestock provides sustainable harvest and ongoing enrichment.

Our Referrals Change Lives campaign pledges to donate £50 to the LNADJ Foundation* each time someone joins our paid community via recommendation. Then, if you’d like, we’ll update you and the referral on how the donation is being used. A teacher’s monthly salary; water containers; a cow, two sheep; birthday or festive gifts; a whole host of possibilities.

*Additionally you will be rewarded with a £50 Amazon Gift card.

So, if you know someone who’d be a positive influence on your community, whilst putting smiles on the faces of children in theirs, get in touch today.

Because the best communities are built on shared values and togetherness.

Check out our Just Giving Page.

Get started today by completing the referral form below.