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Elevate your brand and services via the purpose-built *RecConnect community platform and discover a world beyond the status-quo. Connect with our members like never before, share your knowledge and insights on a whole new level!

Take advantage of some game changing features…

  • Dedicated Events Calendar
  • Exclusive Gold Partner Promotion Area
  • Chat directly with members and other suppliers
  • Engage in groups relevant to you!
  • Share content such as presentations and videos
  • Get ahead of the game with our dedicate sponsorship marketplace
  • Never miss a sponsorship or speaking opportunity again!

*Access to the platform is only available to Gold Partners


Easy setup and management

Ave allow you to break a large idea into actionable subtasks which are then assigned to team members individually. No more guessing who’s doing what.

Conversational Subtasks

Turn to-do’s idea into actionable and conversational subtasks to eliminate multiple channels of feedback.

Multiple Discussions

Organize and follow your tasks from Upcoming to In Progress and then to Completed to keep track of progress.

Save your time by using Ave

More fluid than posts, more robust than chat. The other functions of Ave integrate into discussions to keep your project and its all components cohesive.

Feature Intergration

Tasks, docs, and files integrate with Ave’s chat to close the gaps between feedback and action.

Mutilple Disscusion

Create multiple discussions to keep all relevant conversations together, all in one place with Ave.

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