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MO HQ Ltd (Co No 11615268) is an exclusive network (‘Network’) of recruitment agency leaders and other industry figures (‘Suppliers’ and ‘Partners’) ‘Website’ refers to the official ‘Network’ website

Supplier/Partner Options

There are of supplier/partner packages:

  • Pro Supplier – available via partnerships manager only
  • Pro Supplier View details.

Supplier/Partner details, including features, benefits and expectations, will be sent to all relevant parties via email. These features and benefits can also be found on the Website or by emailing

Supplier/Partner Term & Payment Details

Pro Supplier Package is annual, paid for as a one-off fee of £495, recurring 365 days thereafter. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or other agreed method. Service commences once payment has been received.

Gold Partner is paid monthly on a 12-month agreement, this partner tier includes significant additional benefits. This fee is paid via Standing Order. Partnership commences once payment has been received.

Unless otherwise agreed by the Network, partnership cannot be cancelled within the first twelve months. In the case of Premium Partnership, should there be an unauthorised payment cancellation, the residual amount will be due within 10 working days, as a one-off cancellation payment.

Partnership will automatically continue beyond the first twelve-month period, unless payment is cancelled by the Partner before the thirteenth payment is due. Beyond the twelve-month period, Premium Partnership can be cancelled by giving the Network three-months written notice.

Except in the case of unforeseen business bankruptcy, administration or liquidation, the Network reserves the right to undertake appropriate legal action to recover any lost fees, in accordance with these Terms.

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