What you might not have considered, as you play blackjack in a live casino experience online, is the sheer variety of jobs that are available in the online casino industry.

Players might not consider the human touch that goes into every single part of the online casino experience, but there are so many roles available you too could be part of bringing your favourite casino games to life for players just like you.

In this article we will look at the top jobs available in the online casino and check out what qualifications and experience you might need if you want to branch out into this exciting industry.

Software Development

As with any other online space, casinos need software to be able to run properly. Typical job titles here might include:

DevOps Engineer

C#/.NET Developer

JavaScript Developer

Coding and software development remains one of the biggest growth areas when it comes to jobs – and that means that for many people, pivoting into a new career that uses one of the hundreds of programming languages really makes sense.

Software developers can work on front end applications, creating the websites and designing interactions with customers. Some prefer to work on the back end, creating the codes that work in the background and ensure that everything works as it should. Others might be what is known as ‘full stack’ developers, able to work concurrently on front end and back-end projects and being a real jack of all trades.

Some programming languages that are relevant to iGaming and the online casino industry include:



Ruby on Rails

AI and Machine Learning

There are many ways that AI and machine learning are already affecting the online casino industry, and like elsewhere this is only going to grow and develop with innovation and technology.

Currently, AI is used for things like chatbots and for game design, but there is scope for more. Machine learning is all about getting information from customers, including things like the way they prefer to play, how long they will play for, and the kind of offers that are likely to make them stay (and play) for longer.

While AI and machine learning might seem like it is dragging real humans out of a job, there are any number of people in the background making sure that the technology is working as it should.

If you want to be an AI engineer, then you are likely to need programming language knowledge, and most places will expect you to have a degree in computer science or equivalent experience.

Game Design

This might not mean working directly for the online casino of your choice – most companies use games designed by specific online game creation studios. However, you can choose to work for one of these companies and be involved in creating the next greatest online slot game if you have the right knowledge and experience (and a healthy dose of imagination).

Game developers combine elements of design and coding to create masterpieces, so some of the qualifications that you might be looking for here might include:

2D/3D Animator

Game Designer

Sound Designer

Games Artist

Mobile Content Developer

The last option is one of the fastest growing parts of any online business – the prevalence of data links and the innovation of smartphones means that more people are only playing in online casinos using mobile apps – so that is somewhere to focus if you are a bit lost on where to start.


This might not initially strike you as a customer-facing industry – at least, not as much as a physical, brick-and-mortar casino might be – but the online casino does require staff who are able to be on hand for their customers.

Most of these roles will be in customer support. Whether you are manning a phone line or being on the other end of a live chat, customer support agents are the front line for the online casino, representing them while helping customers with their queries and concerns.

This is often a good choice for applicants who might not have extensive experience or qualifications – customer support roles are usually entry-level but can offer a ‘foot in the door’ for other roles in the organisation as you grow and develop.


Any business, whether online or not, needs back-office administration staff. Outside of the provision of a service for the customers, there needs to be staff who manage the running of the business, from hiring staff to paying them, and from marketing through to sales.

Almost any back-office role that you can think of would be needed in an online casino, including:






With all this in mind, getting involved in the online casino industry might be easier than you think!