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Charles Kyriakou Coaching

Supplier Profile Overview

Charles Kyriakou Coaching a fully bespoke recruitment training business who works with SME Recruitment agencies who are looking for a modern approach that is still in touch with the old school approach to recruitment as well. There is no blanket approach, everything is tailored to the businesses needs and the key speciality is around business development and mindset, two things that you may agree are very intertwined. Offering 1-2-1 coaching, group coaching, bespoke training modules/sessions, helping build out L&D functions and creating an in-house training handbook.

A bit about Charles

Charles has been in recruitment since 2014, starting out as an apprentice working within locum healthcare markets for the first 2yrs and built the nursing desk from scratch, being one of the top billers there before moving into permanent recruitment in the city.

In 2016 he went on to join a company specialising in medical technology and grew out a desk that was over 90% retained on fees of 25-30%. In this period, Charles managed a team that recruiter globally, started a podcast and went to president’s club 5yrs in a row. After most awards you could get within the business, during covid the burning desire to coach and develop others became more of a passion than billing.

2022 was where Charles embarked on his L&D journey, although he had been training recruiters since 2015 and training people in martial arts for over 10yrs, this was a real opportunity to build out scalable processes. In the 2yrs he spent at an IT Recruitment start-up, Charles created and rolled out a training handbook, perfected the trainee academy, created an advanced recruitment and leadership course and oversaw recruiters who billed 30,50,70 & 100k months.

During the summer of 2023, Charles Kyriakou Coaching was set up and Charles already won clients, but with a full-time job, was unable to service them full-time. In November 2023, he went full-time and now helps SME recruitment businesses with coaching, training and all things L&D.


BD Masterclass run over 5-10weeks, covering all basis around BD, training delivered in person and group coaching delivered remotely.


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